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Date: 4/3/2021, author: Tomáš Kvasnička

We always tell everyone everywhere that they should have wide handlebars (for example here ). But what is too much can be too much. American fable champion Lee Likes Bikes , whom we can definitely trust in his recommendation of bike settings, claims on the Joy of Bike with Alex Bogusky video channel that this is the case. In their recent video on YT, they present a magic formula for their correct length:

What was valid is no longer valid. Not all wide handlebars are better than narrow ones. And it's not true that their width should be the same as the length between the palms when you do the push-ups (yes, we know you have at least 25 of them in the morning warm-up). Today, the following formula applies

handlebar width in mm = height of the figure in cm x 4.4

(women multiply 4.26)

So if you are not a giant, you will probably have an eight-year Renthaly too wide. But as the old saying goes: measure twice, cut the handlebars once. According to Lee's instructions, we recommend that you first move the brakes and punch in and drive, and then move the grips and drive - then shorten.

Of course, those who don't trust us can check out Lee's entire video .

will I shorten my rent?

Image: T Kvanička: don't tell me I'll have to shorten my octagonal rentals