Date: 2/11/2021, author: Tomáš Kvasnička

Has it ever happened to you that it was too far back after the official circuits of Singltrek pod Smrkem? Or did you want to make the ride faster? It's definitely worth knowing a few "cheats" that will allow you to win over Singltrek. Take a map with you so you can find your way around as you read.

Abbreviation under Kamínková cesta

One of the most popular cheats is the abbreviation under Kamínková cesta. When using it, you will get from the Singltrek Center about 1 h 45 min long ride, which in relation to the trampled kilometers contains the highest possible number of really fun downhill runs.

Using the cheat is simple: Go from the Singltrek Center to the green and to the Rapice Circuit and up the Asphalt Agony to the Libverd Bridge (you can, but you don't have to go around Měděnec), from there go down the black Silbergrundl. When the trail spits you out on the path, turn right down it (marked by a purple dashed line on the map) to the right down. Don't get too high, so you don't miss the red section of Bystra Voda. Here you connect to the red circuit. You will then return to the arms of the Singltrek Center through the New Town Party and the Rapic Circuit.

I'll skip the Rapic circuit to make it

Maybe you got into a press and have to go home sooner than you expected. Here's how to get to the trails from the Singltrek Center a little faster. You will miss the Rapic circuit - it doesn't matter, next time you will definitely have enough time to ride it.

Using the cheat is simple: On the green you will not drive along the shore of the pond, but you will turn off the trail and cross its dam until you reach the road to Poland. Follow it a little to the left and after the Dendria nursery school, turn right onto the forest asphalt road, it will take you to the Lomnický bridge, where the Asphalt Agony begins.

Hejnický ridge fast

Everyone tells us that the trails of the Hejnice ridge were really successful. We know about it. But sometimes it's very far to them (and especially back).

Using the cheat is simple: From the Singltrek Center to the green, then to the Rapic Circuit (or you can skip the Rapic Circuit, see the cheat above), up the Asphalt Agony and further along the asphalt to the Red Beech, from there to Hubertka. After refreshments, join the slopes of the Hejnice circuit. Down in Libverda, where you can relax at the Bike Center or on the promenade, you have two options:

A : Go back up to Hubertka, it's a real climb, but almost all along the trails - we like him. From there, take the forest road up to the asphalt. Follow it uphill back to the Red Beech and "in the opposite direction" to almost the Libverd asphalt bridge. Here you will connect to a series of downhill sections Silbergrundl, Bystra Voda and Nad Kyselkou.

B : Back to the NMpS, drive on the road - it's only about 25 minutes - but be careful, you are road users on the road.

I don't want to see Sudu, who has to step on it

If you don't want to stop at Sudu (which we otherwise recommend), and then step on the asphalt road under the children's camp, you can use another cheat.

Using the cheat is simple: When descending from Hubertka down to Libverda before the beginning of the section Nad Sudem (stop here and enjoy, there is a really beautiful view) turn right. You will elegantly connect to the Nad Přebytkem meadow.

When the blue one swings so beautifully

Do you also like it at Hřebenáč and Obora? Then you may be sorry that when you combine both and return the lower way, you have a beautiful swinging section of blue above you, while you glide along a straight forest. The solution is simple, swing up to the blue, and swing.

Using the cheat is simple: Follow the lower forest path to the horizon and after the second obvious turn, go up to the left. It is only a few tens of meters to the swinging end of Mauer.