Date: 2/11/2021, author: Tomáš Kvasnička

"Can water be tapped here?" They often ask us at the Singltrek Center. And we, as "Bergwasser" for a small fee (as a support for social entrepreneurship), like to shoot it into bottles and bags directly from the tap. But did you know that in the network of Singltrek pod Smrkem trails there are several springs and wells where you can refresh yourself and shoot excellent spring water? Unfortunately, in the last few years, it has sometimes been so dry that some of the strands mentioned below have dried up temporarily.

frozen water in a trickle on SpS

Image: Well, the water from the spring is nice, but when it freezes, you can only bite it :)

Novoměstská kyselka

First of all, we should probably mention the spring, which is not right next to the trail, but is the most famous - Novoměstská kyselka. If you want to refresh it or at least taste it, all you have to do is go down the asphalt road a little down the asphalt road to the well-marked turn to the spring.


Another interesting, though less practical, source is the newly discovered Rafael. You can find it about 15 meters from the blue trail on the Mühlloch section, just before crossing the road to Jindřichovice pod Smrkem. A turnoff leads to it and you will find an information sign next to it. Due to its radioactivity, the spring is not suitable for regular consumption, but once in a while it does not harm anyone. In addition, it is located just at the end of your ride on the blue. Why not take some healing water home with you? Not far from Rafael, there are other radioactive springs Samuel and Michael in the forest, but they are not right on the trail. If you are interested in going to them, you have to find them according to the map yourself.


Water also flows from the gallery of the František quarry at the end of the Rich Consolation section at the crossroads near the Libverd Bridge. If you climb up to Streit's picture, it may be worth refreshing here.

Source in the section Nad Hejnicemi

During the construction of the lower part of the Hejnický ridge circuit, we discovered and repaired a well in the Nad Hejnicemi section. You will find it right on the trail. Given that it is a long way back to Nové Město, it is a very practical source. On upper summer days, you should not miss it without a stop.

Spring at the foundations of the house in the section of Stare Kopalnie

The lower arm of the Cziernawske Góra traverse passes through the foundations of the former house. You will find a trickle here. This source is also in a relatively practical place. If you know about it, you don't have to complete the climb to the Polish side with a heavy bag full of water.