Mudhugger fenders

Say no to the brown line on your face and on your fairy shorts. Gone are the days when fenders looked useless. With Mudhugger fenders you will stay clean and your fable will still look just as good.

Front fenders

There are 2 types of front fenders available. The shorter version suitable for wheels 26 and 27.5 is the classic Shorty X. However, if you are looking for a fender that will protect you from the pile of mud and other material in your face, choose the FRX variant. You can use it for wheels with dimensions 27.5, 27.5+ and 29.

Rear fenders

You will not get lost in the menu of rear fenders. We have 2 types, with the L arge mainly being used on modern 29 fully sprung bikes. For this Medium, buy 29 hardtails and 27.5 wheels for all other bikes. Both types of rear fenders can be installed on fully sprung wheels. You can always find more information for a given piece.

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