The backpack is no longer just a container for comfortable carrying of 10 rolls and 20 delicacies. Fortunately, today it also performs a security function. Bicycle backpacks with a spine protector thus represent the absolute standard for cross-country cycling. But what if users could figure out for themselves what sports backpack they want?

PRISM modular backpacks

With us, you will find a modern concept of safe outdoor backpacks , which you will also assemble according to your color preferences, and that is a gem. The basis of the collection of backpacks from the French brand from the Savoy Alps PRISM is the innovative Switch Element system (SES), which allows you to assemble a backpack from parts according to what you need, what activity you will perform and how long you will be outside.

RUCKSACK parts of three volumes (summer 10 liters , 18 liters and 25 liters , 22 liters and 33 liters winter) can be attached to the aft section . The zipper around the back of the back allows you to exchange backpack parts of different volumes than you say: damn, that's a great idea. For maximum protection and adaptability of the system, it is possible to incorporate a certified back protector and possibly a helmet holder . You will get a sports bicycle backpack with a backbone , which you can use for all common sports.

PRISM produces two sizes of back parts, size S / M is suitable for smaller figures up to a height of 165 cm, size L / XL is suitable for figures taller than 165 cm.

PRISM backpacks are the result of two years of development, in which professionals and amateurs in outdoor sports participated, especially bikers, skiers and snowboarders . Their goal was to create a modular, durable backpack for others.

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