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Date: 4/3/2021, author: Tomáš Kvasnička

Our court terster Hobík decided that there was enough mud in his face. He installed fenders from the inventors of MTB fenders - the British company Mudhugger and will share with you his experience with fenders from Mudhugger. This British company (where elsewhere in the world there is nothing left for bikers but wet) is the author of 2 important innovations of MTB fenders: the shape of the front fender, which everyone now copies, and the rear wing, which no one has dared to do.

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mud everywhere but not on you

Image: Mudhugger FRX, Rolls-Royce, or rather Subaru WRX among MTB fenders?

it has a wing and it's not ice

Figure 2: It has a wing and it is not a ice. But there is simply no more efficient rear fender on MTB