Fenwick's Bike Cleaner 1l - sprayer
Fenwick's Bike Cleaner 1l - sprayer
Fenwick's Bike Cleaner 1l - sprayer

Fenwick's Bike Cleaner 1l - sprayer

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Gentle, reusable and refillable classic bike cleaner ;-) Suitable for all bike components.

Fenwick's Bike Cleaner is a great cleaner, suitable for all frame materials and components, packed in an ergonomic bottle with an adjustable spray head.

Volume: 1000 ml

Handy tip: Save money, save plastic. Reuse the bottle and refill with Fenwick's Concentrated Bike Cleaner  

There is a new filling level bottle on the bottle, so that adding a concentrated bicycle cleaner is a breeze.

Instructions for use:

1, Spray thoroughly on the wheel

2, Soak for a few minutes

3, Remove dirt with a brush or sponge

4, Rinse thoroughly with clean water

Fenwick's bicycle cleaner is "ready to use" and comes in a single 1 liter ergonomically designed bottle directly from the manufacturer.

It has a practical "fill level" indicator embossed approximately 1 cm above the bottom, so that a concentrated wheel cleaner can be added to the correct level for dilution.

The cleaner works by attracting and surrounding dirt, so it can be easily rinsed off. Despite its high efficiency, it does not use solvents or acids, which leads to the safe use of the product.

This simple concept works with all types of finishes, whether matt, carbon or glossy, and leaves a clean surface free of dirt.

Fenwick's wheel cleaner is biodegradable and safe to use on anodized, carbon, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces.