Suspension Lube Spray 200ml

Suspension Lube Spray 200ml

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Quick and effective reduction of friction of forks, shock absorbers and pins.

The initial sensitivity of your suspension is actually affected by sticky seals / wipers. This "tear-off" can be easily removed by a quick spray of this product.

It's amazing that such a small amount of product can make such a difference, but effective suspension is the key to increasing speed and safety.

Instructions for use: Shake the container before use.

1, Lightly spray on the working part of the shock absorber or the inner leg of the fork.

2, Suspend the suspension so that the oil can lubricate the seals / wipers well.

Handy tip:

Suspension Lube Spray is suitable for lubricating frame pins or it can be used as a frame spray in very muddy conditions (mud does not stick to the frame)

Avoid braking surfaces.

For best results, pre-clean with Fenwick's BIKE CLEANER .