Prism Krypton 25L Set Black / Blue Ocean - complete sports backpack with back protection

Prism Krypton 25L Set Black / Blue Ocean - complete sports backpack with back protection

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Backpack with removable back protector developed for use in extreme winter sports. TITANIUM 22 Technical one-day backpack with integrated spine protector and the possibility of inserting a hydro-vacuum bag. indispensable equipment that you require from a backpack of this type.

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Prism Back Base

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Prism Krypton set 25L - sports backpack with a volume of 25L

Set of back part, backpack pocket and helmet holder at a discounted price.

In the note, please write us the size of the back part (S / M or L / XL), the color of the backpack pocket and the color of the helmet holder.

3 Backpacks in one: the innovative Switch Element system (SES)

The basis of the PRISM backpack collection is the innovative Switch Element system (SES), which allows users to assemble a backpack from parts according to what they need, what activity they will perform and how long they will be outside. Backpack parts of three volumes (10l, 18l and 25l) can be attached to the back part. The zipper around the circumference of the back part allows you to exchange backpack parts of different volumes in a short time. For maximum protection and adaptability of the system, it is possible to incorporate a certified back protector and helmet holder.


What if users could figure out for themselves what kind of backpack they wanted? PRISM backpacks are the result of two years of development, in which professionals and amateurs in outdoor sports participated, especially bikers, skiers and snowboarders. Their goal was to create a modular, durable backpack for others.