MAX1 Chain Extreme Interflon 50 ml

MAX1 Chain Extreme Interflon 50 ml

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MAX1 Chain Extreme Interflon oil with MicPol® Teflon® sliding particles forms a dry, long-lasting lubricating film repellent to water and dirt.
Great for chains, pinions, derailleurs, gears, forks, shock absorbers and bowden cables. MAX1 Chain Extreme oil has excellent penetrating, preserving, lubricating but also cleaning properties. It does not degrade rubber. Suitable for all weather and terrain.


SHAKE BEFORE USE! First clean the lubricated parts thoroughly. Apply a small amount of oil and spread in a thin lubricating film. After 15 minutes, blow out with compressed air or wipe off all oil. Repeat the first application twice.

The oil can be used as a cleaner - apply to the cleaned parts and let it work. Wipe off dirt regularly.

Tested and recommended by KMC Chain EU